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BEHOLD: Insane Clown Posse Respond To ‘Miracles’ Criticism

Behold! Violent J’s response to all the haters! From  The Hatchet Herald:

I don’t know what Webster’s definition of the word “miracle” is, but we’ve always thought it meant something fuckin’ amazing and incredible. A fuckin’ special, awesome event of some kind. A great, wonderful thing. A fuckin’ miracle.

The song “Miracles” is classic ICP. Our listeners know we’ve always included one or two deep, meaningful songs on our albums, we’ve just never made a video for one until now. It was a good idea, obviously, ‘cause it’s got people talkin’. The truth is it don’t make us mad to see all the hate “Miracles” gets from the mainstream. We’ve been “The Most Hated Band in The World” for many years. Without all the hate on the outside, it wouldn’t be as warm as it is on the inside with the Juggalo Fam. Instead, all the hate “Miracles” generates makes us sad. Sad for the haters.

I mean, yeah, we get it. It’s funny to people on the outside lookin’ in, seeing two clowns rapping about space and shit, while floatin’ around in an orgy of screen savers. And SNL’s parody was off the hook hilarious. But when you step back and really look at all the genuine hate it got from everyday people, it’s hard to believe that so few got it.


Yes, most of the miracles we mention can easily be explained away by science, that’s why we say the line “fuck scientists.” Their factual findings sometimes explain away the Earth’s cool mysteries. Part of me wishes they were lying. Part of me doesn’t want to know how they really make crop circles. My imagination wants to believe it’s aliens or somethin’. If people can’t relate to that, then that’s their loss. I mean, seriously, it must truly suck to have no imagination about these things. Us Juggalos have deep imaginations, and an awesome sense of humor.

As for the infamous line, “fuckin’ magnets… how do they work?” Magnets were like magic to me as a kid. You could move things across the table without actually touching them! I found that shit amazing and I still do. If you don’t like that, have a dick for dinner. As for the sun and the stars. Who looks up into the sky and doesn’t wonder sometimes? Come on, man, I fuckin’ straight up feel sorry for anybody that can look at the moon the trees, and the seven seas, and not see fuckin’ miracles. It’s not about religion either. Nature itself is a miracle. Stand toe to toe with the ocean at night and tell me that shit ain’t amazing.

We appreciate all this shit. Especially a yellow ass, long neck giraffe. What’s a shame is how people walk around blind to it all. They lost their spirit about everything. If you can’t even see the miracle in animals, then you must have never truly loved a pet. That has to suck for you. Maybe you mother fuckers should relax that wound up, extra tense bitch ass of yours for a minute and go smoke a joint or somethin’.

Be an individual, step out and away from the flow of the crowd. Take a time out, open up ya mind and then peep the giraffe. Try to appreciate some of these miracles, bitch.

What’s a miracle is the fact that some people haven’t recognized by now that Insane Clown Posse will never die. ICP will go down in history as an independent music miracle. Get used to these ugly faces. MMFCLJ.

Violent J
The Happy Clown Serial Killer

P.S. –
We feel like these haters are the big dumb, popular jocks ganging up on the little class clown scrub. When they have no idea the scrub is really a highly skilled, deadly, ninja assassin capable of cleaning their fuckin’ clocks.

— By Akira The Don on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

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  1. Faolin
    April 15, 2011
    6:41 am

    I think they can get the same message across without being douchy towards scientists, who are all responsible for every fucking piece of technology that these clowns used for their video and its distribution. I love their sentiments, and I really do like that they want to keep miracles alive, but they don’t have to try so hard to be hard-asses. It just makes them look really unintelligent, and I have a feeling that they are actually quite intelligent.

  2. Anonymous
    September 6, 2011
    3:38 am

    Well “Jocks” didn’t create this meme. It sprang out of a you rage you lose thread on 4chan, literally where all the basement dwellers hang around. And most people were just making fun of the lyrics, he makes it sound like they would attack him on the streets…when they wouldn’t/

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