July 2009
Friday, July 31st, 2009


Celebrated Mike Patton stan Zombiehamster of the word famous zombiehamster.com has gone and put together over an hour of magical Patton moments, in the form of the fourth zombiehamster.com mixtape in a month.

I’m 32 minutes in and it’s funking AWESOME so far. He’s doing a creepy Madness impression right now. Bejayzis!

I am inclined to sample the living crap out of it.

Serious. At one point he goes seriously Westcoast. Sort of Tom waits West Coast. Well, Mike Patton Tom Waits West Coast.

You know what I mean.

Seriously, this is The Shit On Stilts. I cosign this as hard as a Arnie cosigns leaving battered women and children to die in the streets. Hardbody.

STREAM: Zombiehamster Mixtape #4 Mike Patton Special



Check tracklisting science:

1: ‘Kickin” : Mike Patton (Crank 2 Soundtrack)
2: ‘Anger Management‘ : Lovage (Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By)
3: ‘Mojo feat Rahzel and Dan The Automator‘ : Peeping Tom (Peeping Tom)
4: ‘L.O.L. (Loser On Line)‘ : X-Ecutioners (General Patton Vs The X-Ecutioners)
5: ‘God Hates A Coward‘ : Tomahawak (Tomahawk)
6: ‘Spider Baby‘ : Fantomas (The Director’s Cut)
7: ‘Midlife Crisis‘ : Faith No More (Angel Dust)
8: ‘Pig Latin‘ : The Dillinger Escape Plan (Irony Is A Dead Scene)
9: ‘Labsent‘ : Kaada (Romances)
10: ‘Carousel‘ : Mr Bungle (Mr Bungle)
11: ‘G.I. Joe‘ : The Melvins (The Crybaby)
12: ‘Porno Holocaust‘ : Mike Patton (Adult Themes For Voice)
13: ‘Desert Search For Techno AllahMr Bungle : (Disco Violante)
14: ‘Chariot Choogle‘ : Mike Patton (Collected Psyche)
15: ‘The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies‘ : Faith No More (Live at Download 2009)
16: ‘4/10/05‘ : Fantomas (Suspended Animation)
17: ‘The Omen (Ave Satani)‘ : Fantomas (The Director’s Cut)
18: ‘Surprise! You’re Dead‘ : Faith No More (The Real Thing)
19: ‘This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of UsMike Patton (Collected Psyche)
20: ‘Ashes To Ashes‘ : Faith No More (Album Of The Year)
21: ‘Come To DaddyThe Dillinger Escape Plan (Irony Is A Dead Scene)
22: ‘I Started A Joke‘ : Faith No More (Is This It? – Their Greatest Hits)

Say word! Now, The Zshare streaming thing wasn’t working when I tried to listen to it, and, if you’re like me, chances are you cannot always be effed in the ay to download things on the fly. So I’ve gone and done it for you, and upped it here, for streaming posterity. But you still need to go check the boy’s site for his Saturday Morning Cartoon breakdowns, at the very effing least.

So. Yeah. Make sure you’re here at the start of next week, eh? I am gonna be getting up to some of my old tricks.

— Friday, July 31st, 2009

By Akira The Don on Friday, July 31st, 2009

74 Arnie Gets Some ActionCalifornia governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has gone and made some last minute budget cuts, and entirely merked the pot allocated for Catalyst Domestic Services who do pointless, trivial things like offer shelter to victims of domestic violence.

The state Legislature had submitted a budget with a 20 percent reduction to the $20.4 million provide to agencies that offer domestic violence services, but Arnie said “NEIN,” and slashed the funding by a comprehensive 100 percent. Fuck your battered ho-bag face lady. Go stay with your Mum. Oh, she’s dead? TOO BAD BITCH! I shall now hand over to the OrovilleMR:

For Catalyst, which relies on state funding for nearly 35 percent of its operating budget, the affect will be “devastating,” Executive Director Anastacia Snyder said.

“We’re still in shock,” Snyder said Wednesday afternoon. “We were bracing for the 20 percent cut, but did not believe the governor could, with a clear conscience, cut 100 percent of funding for services that keep women and children safe and alive.”

Snyder said the loss of $249,351 in state funding, in addition to a 65 percent drop in donations this past year presents “critical circumstances” for the agency, which will be forced to cut services to local victims of domestic violence.

In order to maintain Haven House, Catalyst’s shelter for women and children, Snyder said the agency will have to slash services offered at their drop-in centers in Paradise and Oroville, with the centers facing possible closure.

The centers, which have both been open for approximately 10 years, provide counseling services, assistance with restraining orders and are often the first point of contact for a victim facing a domestic violence crisis, Snyder said.Catalyst also runs programs for child counseling, support groups, community education and legal advocacy, which are also vulnerable to budget cuts.

Should the drop-in centers close, Snyder said domestic violence victims in rural and isolated areas surrounding Oroville and Paradise will inevitably suffer.

“This means victims will not have access to services in their communities,” Snyder said, adding that without services to help them leave a violent environment, victims of domestic violence may be forced to live in danger.

To compound their loss of funding, Catalyst has also experienced a steady increase in the number of local victims served, in light of the current economic downturn.

Although Snyder said the recession does not directly cause instances of domestic violence, she said the added stress of job loss, foreclosures and car repossessions, can raise tension in vulnerable homes, leading to domestic violence.

“We’ve really seen an increase in the level of services provided and frequency of violence in homes, where the tendency for violence already exists,” Snyder said. “We’ve seen a pretty consistent 28 percent increase this past year.”

With victim services forced to decrease, despite the increase in need, Snyder said local law enforcement agencies and medical facilities will see a significant impact, in light of Catalyst’s funding loss.

Oroville Police Chief Kirk Trostle called the news about the loss of state funding to Catalyst “tragic,” adding that the police department heavily relies on the Oroville drop-in center and staff at Catalyst.

Trostle said Oroville’s police officers regularly partner with Catalyst staff on domestic violence calls, and said he and fellow law enforcement officials often refer victims to the Catalyst drop-in center.

“They are incredible advocates for victims,” Trostle said. “They provide an invaluable service to domestic violence victims.”

In March, funding expired for a three-year program that allowed Catalyst workers to work alongside Oroville police officers at domestic violence calls.

Trostle said having a victim advocate on the scene was valuable to police officers and said the loss of that specific program has already affected the department, noting that a future loss of Catalyst services would be even more detrimental.

“Our officers felt the impact when we lost that funding,” Trostle said. “It’s just tragic to hear that Catalyst had more funding cuts. They are the main agency we work with here and we value their partnership.”

Although the state funding cuts present mostly grim news, Snyder did say the construction of Catalyst’s new shelter will still proceed as planned.

The money received for the shelter’s construction is specifically designated as such, Snyder said, with the loss of state funding creating little impact on the actual building of the shelter.

However, Snyder said the cuts do create issues with staffing the shelter, adding that volunteers will likely have to be pulled from the drop-in centers and other activities to ensure staffing levels at the shelter.

“We’re stepping back 20 years with this funding cut,” Snyder said. “We’re being pushed backed to a volunteer-only grassroots organization.”

Snyder said Catalyst, which has been in existence since 1977, has continually grown its services, with staff that are highly trained, specialized to deal with the often complex needs of domestic violence victims and children.

The efforts made these past three decades toward domestic violence prevention and victim assistance will essentially be lost with the state funding cuts, a phenomenon Snyder said will ultimately threaten the safety of local communities.

“State funding for domestic violence changed the landscape for victims seeking to rebuild their lives,” Snyder said. “If the governor’s budget cuts are allowed to stand, victims will not have a place to turn for help and lives will inevitably be lost.”

I don’t really know what to say about that, other than it is fucked the fuck up beyond belief. I thought that guy was some kind of pinko-in-disguise? Nixon would have thought twice about that kind of shit. Goddamn.

— By Akira The Don on Friday, July 31st, 2009

By Akira The Don on Friday, July 31st, 2009


STREAM: Eminem – The Warning (Mariah Carey Diss)

Yes, he’s made a whole song about what a bitch he thinks Mariah Carey is, cos she took the piss out of him in her new video and called him a stalker.

Sample lyricism!

Enough dirt on you to murder you… and that goes for Nick too, faggot, you think I’m scurred of you? You gonna ruin my career? You better get one / like I’m a sit and fight with you over some slut bitch cunt / who made me put up with her psycho ass over six months / and only spread her legs to let me hit once…”

Dear Lord!

And it gets worse:

Listen girlie / surely you don’t want me to talk about how I nutted early cos I ejaculated prematurely  / and bust all over your belly and you almost started hurling / and said I was gross / “go get a towel…”


Amazing. There is no one else on the planet that could have, or would have made this record. For good or ill.

Props to the Double R.

— By Akira The Don on Friday, July 31st, 2009

By Akira The Don on Friday, July 31st, 2009


STREAM: Ghostface Killah on Shade 45

Classic Ghost interview. Dude got in on time – 8:30 am. Mental. He talks about a bunch of stuff, including…

Why there hasn’t been a Wu reality show yet:
“Shit is serious. You can’t be up there on teevee looking like a dick.”

His reservations about the Shaolin VS Wu-Tang LP:
“It’s a possibility. If everything is fucking right B it’s all good. I’m not one of them niggas that likes to put albums out that sound like just mediocre yo. I wanna go in 100 and let niggas see my vision. Not that my vision’s always the best, but my vision’s been working good so far.”

Promiscuous women:
“…that’s what’s wrong with our people and shit, they put our women equal to men… We not equal! And that’s coming from me nigga! We not equal, don’t put me equal. I was here first! You take one dude home a month, that’s 12 dudes you done fucked a year. What you gon’ be in 5 years?”

What is it with these rap dudes this week?!

He also talks about the art of making an album, and his regrets regarding Bulletproof Wallets (my favourite Ghost LP), and sounds really sad. Poor Dennis.

— By Akira The Don on Friday, July 31st, 2009

By Akira The Don on Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Gruts are the same as grits, right?

— By Akira The Don on Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Thursday, July 30th, 2009


As you may now, Andrew WK is about to release his 5th album, 55 Cadillac.

Which is a solo piano album.

Just like Gonzales, another great inspiration of mine, who’s fifth album was, indeed, a solo piano album!

There is a difference though. Andrew’s album is mostly comprised of “spontaneous piano improvisations, as well as the visualized manifestations of his car.”

I don’t think Gonz has a car.

Actually, he must. I just can’t picture it. I’ll ask him.

Anyway. I wonder if I can learn to play the piano well enough to have a solo piano album as my fifth.


So. Yeah. 55 Cadillac. It’s grayte, baby. In turns stirring, epic, boisterous, creepy, gorgeous, Lynchian, Kubrikal, Goliath, it sings and it soars and it plummets and it crashes and it burns like a baby sun… close your eyes and you’ll imagine you’re climbing a thirty mile staircase to the summit of mount Olympus.


I don’t intend to hit you off with the full gorgeousity – it is good to have something to look forward to, to get excited about. But here’s just a little taste

Have a listen to this.

STREAM: Andrew WK – Seeing The Car

Dope, huh? And that, bubba… that doesn’t come close to the magic of The Whole.

So get your ass over here and preorder the thing. I suggest going for the vinyl. A mere £11.55k, bargain!

— Thursday, July 30th, 2009