November 2008
By Akira The Don on Sunday, November 30th, 2008


From The Grauaniad:

A report on cannabis prepared for next year’s UN drug policy review will suggest that a “regulated market” would cause less harm than the current international prohibition. The report, which is likely to reopen the debate about cannabis laws, suggests that controls such as taxation, minimum age requirements and labelling could be explored.

The Global Cannabis Commission report, which will be launched today at a conference in the House of Lords, has reached conclusions which its authors suggest “challenge the received wisdom concerning cannabis”. It was carried out for the Beckley foundation, a UN-accredited NGO, for the 2009 UN strategic drug policy review.

There are, according to the report, now more than 160 million users of the drug worldwide. “Although cannabis can have a negative impact on health, including mental health, in terms of relative harms it is considerably less harmful than alcohol or tobacco,” according to the report. “Historically, there have only been two deaths worldwide attributed to cannabis, whereas alcohol and tobacco together are responsible for an estimated 150,000 deaths per annum in the UK alone.”

The report, compiled by a group of scientists, academics and drug policy experts, suggests that much of the harm associated with cannabis use is “the result of prohibition itself, particularly the social harms arising from arrest and imprisonment.” Policies that control cannabis, whether draconian or liberal, appear to have little impact on the prevalence of consumption, it concluded.

“In an alternative system of regulated availability, market controls such as taxation, minimum age requirements, labelling and potency limits are available to minimise the harms associated with cannabis use,” said the report.

It claimed that only through a regulated market could young people be protected from the increasingly potent forms of cannabis, such as skunk. It is intended that the report will form a blueprint for nations seeking to develop a “more rational and effective approach to the control of cannabis”.

The authors suggest there is evidence that “the current system of cannabis regulation is not working, and … there needs to be a serious rethink if we are to minimise the harms caused by cannabis use.”

Last night, the report was welcomed by drug law reform organisations. “The Beckley foundation are to be congratulated for the clarity of their call for cannabis supply to be brought within government control,” said Danny Kushlick of Transform. “We look forward to the same analysis being applied to heroin and cocaine.”

The report is being launched at a two-day conference, which will be attended by leading figures in the drugs policy world.

The conclusions are unlikely to be embraced by the government or the Conservative party, both of which are opposed to relaxing restrictions on cannabis use.

— By Akira The Don on Sunday, November 30th, 2008

By Akira The Don on Sunday, November 30th, 2008

That video is unrelated to the story, by the way. Other than the weed stuff. And that its awesome. Anyway. the following is from the Toronto Sun

OTTAWA – Researchers say they have located the world’s oldest stash of marijuana, in a tomb in a remote part of China.

The cache of cannabis is about 2,700 years old and was clearly “cultivated for psychoactive purposes,” rather than as fibre for clothing or as food, says a research paper in the Journal of Experimental Botany.

The 789 grams of dried cannabis was buried alongside a light-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian man, likely a shaman of the Gushi culture, near Turpan in northwestern China.

The extremely dry conditions and alkaline soil acted as preservatives, allowing a team of scientists to carefully analyze the stash, which still looked green though it had lost its distinctive odour.

“To our knowledge, these investigations provide the oldest documentation of cannabis as a pharmacologically active agent,” says the newly published paper, whose lead author was American neurologist Dr. Ethan B. Russo.

Remnants of cannabis have been found in ancient Egypt and other sites, and the substance has been referred to by authors such as the Greek historian Herodotus. But the tomb stash is the oldest so far that could be thoroughly tested for its properties.

The 18 researchers, most of them based in China, subjected the cannabis to a battery of tests, including carbon dating and genetic analysis. Scientists also tried to germinate 100 of the seeds found in the cache, without success.

The marijuana was found to have a relatively high content of THC, the main active ingredient in cannabis, but the sample was too old to determine a precise percentage.

Researchers also could not determine whether the cannabis was smoked or ingested, as there were no pipes or other clues in the tomb of the shaman, who was about 45 years old.

The large cache was contained in a leather basket and in a wooden bowl, and was likely meant to be used by the shaman in the afterlife.

“This materially is unequivocally cannabis, and no material has previously had this degree of analysis possible,” Russo said in an interview from Missoula, Mont.

“It was common practice in burials to provide materials needed for the afterlife. No hemp or seeds were provided for fabric or food. Rather, cannabis as medicine or for visionary purposes was supplied.”

The tomb also contained bridles, archery equipment and a harp, confirming the man’s high social standing.

Russo is a full-time consultant with GW Pharmaceuticals, which makes Sativex, a cannabis-based medicine approved in Canada for pain linked to multiple sclerosis and cancer.

The company operates a cannabis-testing laboratory at a secret location in southern England to monitor crop quality for producing Sativex, and allowed Russo use of the facility for tests on 11 grams of the tomb cannabis.

Researchers needed about 10 months to cut red tape barring the transfer of the cannabis to England from China, Russo said.

The inter-disciplinary study was published this week by the British-based botany journal, which uses independent reviewers to ensure the accuracy and objectivity of all submitted papers.

The substance has been found in two of the 500 Gushi tombs excavated so far in northwestern China, indicating that cannabis was either restricted for use by a few individuals or was administered as a medicine to others through shamans, Russo said.

“It certainly does indicate that cannabis has been used by man for a variety of purposes for thousands of years.”

Russo, who had a neurology practice for 20 years, has previously published studies examining the history of cannabis.

“I hope we can avoid some of the political liabilities of the issue,” he said, referring to his latest paper.

The region of China where the tomb is located, Xinjiang, is considered an original source of many cannabis strains worldwide.

— By Akira The Don on Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

You can now listen to ATD15 and ATD16 in one of those neat lil streamy players. Like the one above.

Thieving is uploading now, so check for that later. I bet there’s a lot of you that still haven’t got that.

[Edit – Thieving is uploaded. I’ve also added some Information regarding the tapes to their pages….]

By the way, I’ve only got about 40 of those left on CD. Just so’s you know.

Ho ho!

Speaking of which… Super awesome Christmas stuff will be announced on Monday, by the way. Look out for the Daily ATD Advent Calendar! Wow! Scared!

— Sunday, November 30th, 2008

By Akira The Don on Saturday, November 29th, 2008


Wow. Star Wars geeks must be shitting bricks.

Sorry. That didn’t even make much sense.


— By Akira The Don on Saturday, November 29th, 2008

By Akira The Don on Saturday, November 29th, 2008


I haven’t liked Jada that much  overt the years. Why was doep. but still…

This is great. From DJ Plus’ Expensive Taste mixtape. The Wayne verse is OK, but its the alchemy between Kiss’ rasp and the dystopian beat that makes this bang.

DOWNLOAD: Jadakiss ft Lil Wayne – Death Wish

— By Akira The Don on Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

My supplier just informed me that AIDS Ts and new The Don Ts will arrive on Tuesday.

I need a new supplier…

I am right now uploading ATD15 and Thieving to my streamer, so you can listen to them all at will.

The remixtape’s nearly done too.


— Saturday, November 29th, 2008