May 2008
Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Lil Wayne‘s ridonculously anticipated Tha Carter III comes out on June 10th. It’s May 31st, and I got a copy of the thing in my email this morning (cheers!). By this afternoon I had a whole fistfull of the fuckers (more cheers!).

It should be noted that the version that’s rampaging through the interwebs isn’t the whole album. It’s 5 tracks short. Anyway.

Who’s taking credit for this historic leak?

Dirty, stank-ass mixtape DJs.

What it was, was, Wayne pissed off a whole load of people last week when he said, “fuck you if you a mixtape DJ.”

He was being interviewed by a mixtape magazine at the time. They’d asked him who his favourite mixtape DJ was.

“I’m against it, anti-mixtape dude,” said Wayne. “I don’t know no mixtape DJs.”

Which I thought was fair. Mixtape DJs have all but ruined Wayne. When Drought 3 was coming out, mixtape DJs bootlegged the thing and filled the internet with their crappy versions, so no one could find the real one (DJ Khaled and Baby were meant to be hosting that. I never heard it. Did it even come out?). Ever since, a daily deluge of compilations of leaked Wayne material masquerading as “official” mixtapes has flooded the streets and the interwebs. His album’s been pushed back over a year thanks to unscrupulous swine stealing his songs and making mixtapes of them. ““Suckin’ my dick and ain’t lettin’ me cum,” as Wayne put it.

Some of that material was great, some was ass. Some was finished, some was not. Mixtape DJs rinsed that shit regardless, and ruined any chance of a truly great Carter III ever happening.

See, if there was any art to these bottom feeding leeches game, I’d be more sympathetic to their cause. But these fools don’t even mix their tapes. No thought goes into the sequencing. The art sucks balls and the quality is negligible. This shit is cheap as dirt. These are the people the Feds should have been shutting the fuck down, instead of proper mixtape DJs like Drama, who puts thought, and art into his mixes, and works with the artists, rather than running off CDs of iTunes playlists comprising of stolen, unmixed material.

“Lately Lil Wayne, dubbed “The Greatest Rapper Alive,” has taken a shot at all mixtape DJs,” sniped one anonymous bum in the text file accompanying the leak. “I myself am a DJ and I found his inappropriateness to be unprofessional considering how this album is highly anticipated. So, I have received this version from a contact who’s name I won’t disclose for his safety and reputation. But since I can give a fuck about “The Rapper Eater,” here’s a gift for his fans as a big “Fuck You” to Sir Lil’ Weezy.”

Which says it all. This foul little suckfish and people like him have been eating off Wayne since 05, and they pay him back by leaking his album! So I join Wayne, with a little paraphrasey, and I say,


I mean, the record would have leaked regardless. Such is the nature of the modern world. The leak is inevitable. But for some cheap little bootleggers to act like it’s some kind of righteous act is just gross. May these lugubrious hacks choke on their lying tongues. May their testicles sprout wings and fly away. I spit on these cock-aroaches.


Edit: Wayne rang Drama yesterday to confirm that his “fuck mixtape DS” comments were indeed for the Carter III robbing Empire people. Check it.

— Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Friday, May 30th, 2008



Stream: Akira The Don ft Pixel – Click Clack Blam (Remix)


Akira The Don ft Little Man, Pixel & Envy – Click Clack Blam (Remix)

Akira The Don ft Little Man, Pixel & Envy – Click Clack Blam (Remix Clean)

Akira The Don ft Little Man, Pixel & Envy – Click Clack Blam (Remix Acapella)

Akira The Don ft Little Man, Pixel & Envy – Click Clack Blam (Remix Instrumental)

Click Clack Blam video after the jump.


— Friday, May 30th, 2008

Friday, May 30th, 2008

If you are about to eat a sandwich, like me, you could do worse than reading The Ultimate Batman Story while you’re doing it.

— Friday, May 30th, 2008

Friday, May 30th, 2008

So, I know we are mainly of the opinion that Watchmen will be, um, Not As Good As The Comic, but if this picture is anything to go by, it is at least sticking encouragingly close to the source material.

Come on! How ill is that?

Oh, I saw Indy 4 the other day and I thought it was grayte. Considering it concerned collective consciousness, lost civilizations and aliens, its as if Stephen Spielberg has been drawing from the same well as me. Well, of course he has, that’s the point. Silly me.

In other entertainment news, Batman 677 is out now and it owns. Grant Morrison’s run on this title has been a slow burner, but it just exploded. I haven’t enjoyed a Batman comic this much since The Killing Joke.

OK. Click Clack Blam remix in a few hours.

— Friday, May 30th, 2008

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Brand new video from Thieving.Directed & Edited by Akira The Don MeCamerawork by Charlotte Whewell & ShizzioVisuals & lighting by Karborn

Spot the special guests!

This is the the third one I’ve done now. I am feeling myself you know! My chopping game is tight!



Akira The Don ft Pixel – Click Clack Blam (Original)

Akira The Don ft Pixel – Click Clack Blam (Clean)

Akira The Don ft Pixel – Click Clack Blam (Accapella)

Akira The Don ft Pixel – Click Clack Blam (instrumental)

Akira The Don ft Pixel – Click Clack Blam (Video)

— Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

I’ve been geeking the fuck out lately, much to the amusement of my better half. I haven’t read this many comic books since I was 13. In fact I haven’t read this many comic books EVER, mainly because comic books are now available in much the same fashion as MP3s.

Yes, you can, in this enlightened age, download every comic book that comes out on the day it comes out. Should you so wish to. Me, I download complete runs of Grant Morrison written DC titles, but that is besides the point. The point is, back in the grizzly ole days, the only place you could get a comic book that wasn’t The Beano was a Proper comic Book Shop, and there were only a few of those in the country, and none in North Wales. This one time, when I was, like, eight years old, the hole in the tip of my penis closed up and I had to go to Liverpool Children’s Hospital (yes, I made a mistake in the lyrics of the song Liverpool, keen eared reader). I was pretty happy with this situation, because there were comic book shops in Liverpool, and my Dad got me a pile of small-sized American comic books, including the Todd McFarlane drawn Spider-Man with the lizard in it that was scary as hell, and some awesome Grey Hulk issues, and this really weird and pretty funny Plastic Man book. Oh, and some weird thing I have never seen since called Sleaze Brothers, that seemed to be some kind of Blues Brothers Vs Aliens weirdness. Anyone remember that?

Anyway. Aside from the fact that I got circumcised and no one told me, going to hospital in Liverpool was a great thing for me. My life would have probably been completely different without the influence of American comic books. For good or ill.

By the time I was 13 I had written, drawn, and published my very own book (I got fan mail and everything!), and I’ll be doing another one soon. I am excited about this, but I need to get LP2 finished first, really. Stephen Hague called me last week, and work on that should resume shortly. Anyway. Like I was saying, you can now, if you wish, download any comic you want to. But this isn’t hurting the comic book industry at all – sales are, in fact rising. This is probably because people who don’t live near comic book stores, or people who’d never go in them in the first place, like women, are discovering comics, so when they do go near a store, they can cop a collection of something they actually liked and want to own forever and read on the bog and stuff. That’s what’s happening with me anyway. There are probably lessons for the music industry to be learned here, but I don’t have time to g into all that right now, and anyway, my awesome insight is available for a fee, on a consultancy basis. Speak to my manager.

Yes. So. Watchmen movie cometh. Dave Gibson says its gonna be pretty faithful to the source material. Are we excited about this Or do we not give two craps? I am in the middle. I think comics are a better medium than movies anyway.

— Wednesday, May 28th, 2008