October 2007
Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Good day brothers and sisters. It is a good day. Eh? Hey. Yay. Happy Halloween. I am celebrating by… writing a song. I keep thinking I’ve got ATD15 sewn up, then something comes along. There’s this last minute addition happening – I gotta thank Just Blaze for it, really. Thanks Just Blaze. This is lovely. Really it is. 66 BPM. A sample. Some drums. I bought some egg shakers in Ireland. Been freaking those. A little beatbox. Simple ass ole break. Ba-BVOOM-CHA – Bvoom-CHA.

Ali’s downstairs putting his make-up on. He looks good, no doubt. Somewhere out there my peoples Baz and Debs and brand new baby Noah are getting down. Big up them. Big up Martin and Mary. Saturday! Jeres is doing a gig tonight. I should be there, but this song is happening. So big up him. RIP Paul Fox from The Ruts, thanks for the riff. Big up Luke, seeing some Nazi band with my lil’ brother. Big up Zef, out there in Chester, rowdy little sod, making it happen. Big up Mary in her new house the landlord ain’t cleaned – I know how that goes! Mika and BJ in their own house, no sofa and a nice low table. Big up Wade, living the dream in Tokyo. Shout out to my babydoll, working late. Big up Mothers and fathers and daughters and sons everywhere.

Big up your SELF, you rule!

— Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Now, listen here. I have been a fan, and user, of vocoders for a long time. I don’t mind Akon – that new joint of his about rubbing that little girl on stage is awesome. I even like me a bit of T Pain. [II]. I Know What I’m Doing and So Hood are among the greatest hooks of the decade thusfar. But Lil Wayne’s recent dabblings with the autotune over-set on The Drought Is Over Part 4, and now, incredibly, Snoop Dogg’s, might just have taken it all a bit too far.


Snoop Dogg – Sexual Erruption

(PS – look out for the first – vocodered-up – single off ATD15 on Thursday!)

Bonus: My old pals Cazals may have been taking their sweet time, but if this ain’t a hook, I dunno what is…


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— Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

All you moaning ass rappers, hating on your label, your distributor, your manager, whatever – listen to Cham! Cham speaks the truth! There is better advice in this video than you ever got off of anybody! Word to Stan Lee’s How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way!

PS – We saw Ratatouille last night, and confirm that it is great.

PPS – CARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Holiday’s over, I am back.

A big Thank You You Are Awesome to The Fine People of Galway, especially Colin and Paula, for showing us suck a great time, and a better quality of life than we poor London scum are used to.


London tastes funny, and I miss Galway already, but never mind that. I got a week of email to sort through, a mixtape to finish (this week, worry not), and an album to get into. I was downloading photos from the gig to post up here, but the battery went and I left the charger round ppf’s. Take that (/\) for now. Akira The Don & The Women, last Saturday, October 20th. Left to right – Me, Blonde Jeremy, Mika, Mary. Booya.

I have been getting lots of funny letters while I’ve been away. I might do a letters column this week if I get a bit of time. But in the meanwhile, this following piece of good advice was sent to me by one of my fine young American peoples. Check it:

“Hey PEOPLE, You all know how it feels when you’re talking to someone>>>online, and your mom is standing right behind you, reading every word that>>>appears on the screen. Then of, course the person swears or talks about how>>>much you love your crush or something and your mom reads it and tells you>>>to get offline that instant and not talk to that person anymore. Well, What>>>can we do about that? To solve this problem, now we have started the ‘code>>>9’ system. In code 9, you simply press the number ”9” when your parent or>>>sibling is watching over you shoulder as you type. The person you’re>>>talking to will know what your talking about, and begin a conversation on>>>homework or something. When your parent or sibling leaves, press ”99” to>>>let the person know that they are gone, so you can begin a normal>>>conversation again. Please send this to everyone you know so that Code 9>>>can begin to go into effect. PLEASE: Copy and paste it to other people, DO>>>NOT forward it.>>”

See that? That is forward thinking. That is innovation.

Oink.cd has taken back it’s frontpage from the BPI and their miserable, loserish, grasping chums. It now links to a google search for “what to use instead of oink”, making the point – when does it become illegal to link for stuff? Google will find you every pirated file out there. BPI gonna take out Google? Me think not. Taking out Napster did not stop P2P. These people are donuts if they think this recent spate of arrests will make a bit of difference. While they dillied, dallied, dithered and dicked about, refusing to face the reality of the situation, a whole generation grew up with a download-for-free mindset. Why weren’t you goons selling MP3s in ’97? Why weren’t you treating net like radio and taking a percentage off of ISP’s in exchange for their right to legally distribute noises willy nilly? Or something more forward thinking than, like, suing people and hoping they stop? Luddites! TORIES! You were flogging CDs for £16 in ’95. Dudes had the same record on vinyl, tape, and CD. You had more money than sweat glands, you pigs. You kept it all for yourselves. Now look at you. Dickheads.

— Monday, October 29th, 2007

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Good day to you from sunny Galway. I write to you from the tabletop of my nice apartment just outside the city. The gig on Saturday was top five of all time awesome. We had an ace time and I will post photos as soon as I can connect cameras and things to a machine and all that.

Yo, Oink, what the hell?

That bird out of Sugababes, (“Me and [Moroccan band member] Amelle [Berrabah] are always calling each other the n word”) what the hell?

Wow. And did I mention Ofcom rang up Channel U telling them not to play Bashy‘s Black Boys because its racist?



PS – Chris Crocker is awesome and Right.

— Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Friday, October 19th, 2007

— Friday, October 19th, 2007