May 2006
Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Whoo, ATD13 is gonna be the SHIT! So, yesterday, I finished my version of Ignition, which you will have to hear to believe, then Trey – with whom I made the smash-in-waiting White Whores – and Scratch, of The Legendary Roots Crew swung by Don Studios to play and listen to music and cane bones and drink Jack, which is what grown ups do, word to your sister’s mate Suzie. The stuff I heard from dude’s forthcoming LP, is fucking NEXT, Jesus. Scratch dropped some boxing SCIENCE on my dusty mike, but, yeah, you’ll have to wait for ATD13 my friends, yes you will.

— Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

Last bank holiday weekend I didn’t know it was bank holiday weekend until Monday morning, but this time I was prepared. Maybe that is why I managed to do pretty much all the things I really like doing, or takes upon the themes of. I mean, I didn’t really have to try. People were bound to come round and make noises. I could hardly avoid sleeping. I had a fucking ace sleep in the middle of it all, long and warm and deep and untroubled by nightmares. I flopped from one enjoyable circumstance to another for four days, and came out at the end of it happier, older AND wiser.

BOOM! Plus I have about ten songs all lying on my harddrive waiting to be mixed, I saw two dope movies (Elephant, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) one not-too-dope-movie that was still highly enjoyable as it was black and white and French and starred Vanessa Paradis, I smoked some weed, I enjoyed the delights of the park in Battersea, what with its booze-addled Buddha and its monkeys and its amazing tree spirits (see above) and its drunken fishermen. I had walks. I enjoyed some excellent David Lynch moments, an Aldous Huxley moment, a Sinatra moment – a God moment… I danced a little. I got bought french toast! Serious! AND I played cricket with my neighbourfriends Jeres and Soraya, AND we got caught in a weird storm and sheltered under a big tree, AND they both fell over during the day and I never, so evidently this was a weekend of Donnisity, and I hope you all enjoyed it too.

While all this was goig on, my NY twin Madison posted a video for that bossface song of hers what is called Radiate and I played on that XFM mix I did for James Hyman recently. It is proper.

I will write properly on the morrow, but for tonight, sleep well, and watch out for those pesky chemtrails. PAX!

— Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

Friday, May 26th, 2006

Firstly, RIP Desmond Dekker. Margerine cannot kill a song that good.

Now. Chris de Burgh is so wise I might just have to start posting exerts from his Man On The Line feature everyday and not write anything. Behold:

Dear Chris, hi. Just have a question: In the song “Don’t pay the ferryman”, I got why “He shouldn’t pay him until he get him to the other side”, but I can’t get why he shouldn’t “EVEN fix a price“!?!?!
Maybe it’s a foolish question, but I would like to know!!! Thanks.

Chris de Burgh:

I spoke in an earlier answer about some of the wonderful carpets that came from what used to be called Persia, and Shiraz is another place where there used to be wonderful carpet makers and weavers. “Don’t even fix a price” refers to getting into a dialogue with the ferryman. And I think in my song, our hero is being advised not to even distract himself or the ferryman from getting the boat to the other side. Then they can organize the price. You see, what is happening in my imagination is that our hero has gone on the boat, and they are half way across, and that’s when the ferryman demands the money. That’s also when you hear the voices shouting from the bank “Don’t do it! Don’t pay him till you get to the other side!” Because what he’ll do is the ferryman will cut your throat and throw you in the river along with all those other people. That’s the dancing skeletons and there is a sort of nightmarish scene in the background, and the thunder and lightning. And by negotiating a price the hero in the song would be saying in effect how much money he has with him. And that could cause his own death as well. So that’s what I was thinking of in that song.

Wow, huh? Now, if you’re still bored, you can go read an interview with me over at RapNews.co.uk. PEACE!

— Friday, May 26th, 2006

Friday, May 26th, 2006

Today I mixed a bunch of songs, ate a french stick, had a meeting, read XXL, rode a tube, a bus, and not a horse. I spent a few hours in Hammersmith, which means nothing to me, and a small amount of time in Finsbury Park, which makes my chest tight, and floods my brain with memories of when I first moved here, especially when the sun’s out. I thought I saw Bastard Mark as the bus pulled off towards North East London. My belly did loop the loops.

Yo, Chris de Burgh’s got a new flash intro for his website! He’s kicking a ball! Timely!

Rah, it hasn’t even started, and this World Cup’s Already fucking with my shit. Jeres can barely contain himself. He’s going to the toilet even more than usual. I might have to flee. I haven’t got time for football! I have an army to amass, goshdarn it!

OK, I know a bunch of you are feeling this boy, because you email me and say as much, so go have a look at my wee bro Ali’s new website. It is in the midst of construction, and he is after critique. I think the colours are ugly, but what do I know?

Rah, I totally hope it is Sunny this bank holiday weekend, now that I know it’s coming, because I want to go to the Serpentine and row a boat.

Yo, I still haven’t done my email. I had to do two interviews, then this, and now its bedtime, so maybe tomorrow. Don’t hate. It’s too beautiful above the clouds to hate.

— Friday, May 26th, 2006

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

Kaiser Chiefs Frontman Hit by Car

I am sure I get bad karma for it, but when I saw that headline, I laughed out loud.

You don’t need to read it though. He isn’t dead. He isn’t even injured. It is quite tragic.

— Thursday, May 25th, 2006

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

Another one from the ace drunk me, Jeres, Martin Carr gig. “Thanchs fer all thee yaaaaaydes!” slurs the Scouser. “Thanks for all the Magners!” croons the Cornwallian. This was a beautiful moment in time that I will cherish forever.

— Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006