May 2004
Monday, May 31st, 2004

My pink thing has finally been given life… after emerging from some paper and ink a year or two ago, my smallest brother Jozef has realised his being, as was meant to be. You can’t hear, but inside that pink, those eyeballs, it screams.

Big up Mothboy, Birddogg, KKF, P Mo, Rosie, Carpet, The Rub, and all who made our bus at Homelands dope, despite all the technicalities. I love you brothers, that shit was tight, I even love you Kool Kid, despite what you did to ‘Black Regent’. I love that shit! HAHAHA! It is good.

Somehow, cos I was run ragged “running” a bus, I never got any photos. If anyone did, could you mail me? (Address above) .

Check this…

Mixtape 2 is well underway, and should be done by next week, when we’re COMING TO AMERICA, just like Eddie.

Thieving cunt security robbed all my weed at Homelands, but I feel peace right now. Word.

— Monday, May 31st, 2004

Friday, May 28th, 2004

I was up till 7 or so this morning doing the sleeve for my EP, which had to be done by today, then up at ten or so giving the tracks a final mix. I am pleased to say they sound awesome. Mothboy came round the other day and gave me more knowledge. Knowledge is power. This week’s best tip: stereoenhance hooks.

Tomorrow catch me and the gang at the SoBe PlayLouder bus at Homelands, Winchester. It’s big and green and situated between the hip-hop and house arenas.

Joining me will be:

Birddogg, Mothboy, The Rub, Carpetface, Kool Kid Fresh, P Mo, Mr Mouth, Mothboy, Luke, Jeres, and some SPECIAL GUESTS! We’ll be having a rap smackdown too, some come and sigh up.

— Friday, May 28th, 2004

Thursday, May 27th, 2004

The internet is awesome. 88 people copped the mixtape between 1am and 5am last night, and 60% of them were in America. Over half of those were at school. I can see these things, I am like NetGod. Anyway, I am glad you are learning something useful at last over there in AmerikkkaLand, and I look forward to seeing you. A very lovely lady from the bank gave me a loan today so I can buy the plane tickkets after all. Some dates will be announced tomorrow.


— Thursday, May 27th, 2004

Thursday, May 27th, 2004


Wu-Tang Clan feat. Akira The Don – Shaolin Wordwide
Ghostface – My Guitar
ODB – Lift Ya Skirt Up
Sage Francis – Crack Freestyle, feat ATD on shitbox
Neil Young feat. Birddogg – The Needle And The Damage Done
Akira The Don – Liverpool (Mothboy Remix)
The Bench – Games
The Rammelzee feat. Shockdell – Pay Your Rent
Gang Starr – Blowin’ Up The Spot
Funk Master Flex and Mad Lion – Ghetto Celebrities
Craif Mack – Flavour In Your Ear
Ludacris – Southern Hospitality
Rahzel – All I Know
Frankie Cutlass – Boriquas
Morrissey VS The Beastie Boys – Irish Out, ATD mix
Akira The Don – Irish Wub Interlude
Joe Beats – Groupies
Akira The Don, Kool Kid Fresh and HeTurnAll from Natural Selection with Birddogg on the plates… FRESH FREESTYLE FRENZY!

— Thursday, May 27th, 2004

Wednesday, May 26th, 2004

Stuff has been crazy these past twently four hours. I watched in annoyance as my dumb arm locked me out of my flat, and had to cart a 15 foot ladder 20 minutes up the Kingsland Road. I wore it around my neck, and resembled some weird submarine skeleton, and now my shoulders are a swollen mass of bruise.

Amongst sorting MP3s for Homelands and Roni Size and London Elektricity and Lydia Lunch interviews I found time to drop some mixtapes by the local barbershops where engaded in a cipher and met a host of excellent talent, many of whom will pop up on the next ATD mixtape. Which I am assembling now – if you’d like to contribute in some way, be it a rhyme or a beat or an big explosion, email me.

Anyway, I did my first interview this morning, and you can read it now, which is pretty dope. It is at the reliable and lovely ireallylovemusic site.

— Wednesday, May 26th, 2004

Tuesday, May 25th, 2004


It is. Akira The Don The Mixtape Vol. 1 can be listened to in the music section. Those of you with 56k connections (like me) won’t have too graet a time with it mind. Actually, saying that, mine just started flowing, so you never know. But you broadband swine are sorted.

PLUS! The first batch of ACTUAL WORKING MIXTAPES went out this morning. So look out for them in your mailboxes, kids.

— Tuesday, May 25th, 2004